First Podcast Episode Out NOW

The first episode of the Extra Innings Podcast has been published. Jake talks about the whole idea of the podcast and does his first NFL Mock draft. Listen now to this brand new episode either on the website, or search up “Extra Innings Podcast” on Spotify.

38 Minute Episode. Title “Extra Innings Podcast – Episode One: Intro and NFL Mock Draft 1.0”

2 thoughts on “First Podcast Episode Out NOW

  1. I’m a Colts fan and I totally agree with you. The Colts right now seem to be a large experiment that looks promising. The defense is great, the O-line is great, the wide receivers show flashes; but aren’t amazing, and how will Carson Wentz play. Personally I’m stoked to have Wentz on the team and I’d be willing to bet that Frank Reich really pushed Chris Ballard to make that trade. Personally I would’ve rather picked up Sam Darnold, but Carson I’m happy with. If Wentz plays well through the 2021 season I think the colts will have a good shot at the Super Bowl, but if he doesn’t then we’re back to square one and need to find a new QB.

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