Weekly Post #4: Mike Conley’s Wild 3-Pt Contest and the Rest of the All-Star Weekend

Hey look at me, it took me long enough to make any sort of content towards the NBA. At first I was going to come here and discredit Mike Conley’s first round performance and say that he should not of been in the finals. Let me explain.

So Devin Booker was supposed to be in the contest, but due to injury he was replaced by Mike Conley, probably because he was announced as Booker’s replacement in the actual All-Star game. I was not too sure why he was asked to participate, so when is was his turn and his score just kept going up, I was super shocked. HOWEVER, there was a something that seemed a little off about his score. His money ball rack was at the top of the key, but they gave him the money ball on the right corner as well. Not only that, he was given 3 points for each money ball he made from his money ball rack. Then, he was making shots and his score refused to go up.

I felt like I was the only one in the entire world who caught the score acting all weird. I thought Mike Conley (not intentionally of course) had the scorers cheat his score to make it better than it actually should have been. I did count the score myself to make sure I wasn’t calling him out for no reason, and it’s a good thing because he still would’ve advanced even if they didn’t mess up his score for the first few racks. And now at the end of the All-star Weekend, I’m so glad he was included because that final round was so entertaining to watch, with Steph Curry winning the contest.

I’m going to be completely honest, after Chris Paul missed that layup, I stopped watching the Skills Challenge. But congrats to Domantas Sabonis for winning. It’s been a stretch for big men winning, and I’m kind of glad the athletic big men get to show off their skills on a nationally televised event.

Cassius Stanley was robbed. He had the best (and worst) dunk of the night and still somehow got the two lowest scores. I mean, that second dunk did prevent him from any chance of winning, but something needs to happen with these dunk contest judges. I like what they did with the “Dwayne Wade Rule” for the final round, but that didn’t solve the first 7 dunks of the contest. A dunk-off should have been decided after the Simons failed rim kiss, but either way, this proved that dunkers like this should not be involved in the dunk contest. They just weren’t flashy enough to justify watching ever again.

However, the actual All-Star Game really stole the show. Obviously it’s a game for fun, nobody wants to get hurt. However, Team Durant’s team was so depleted and overmatched that there was never going to be any competition anyways. But what a game by Giannis Antetokounmpo (I actually spelled this right on the first try). I get it’s the All-Star Game but he literally could not miss no matter where he was on the court. Those step back threes were so fun to watch just imagining if he could do that consistently do that.

Also, how long is it before we get players shooting from half court in the games. Steph and Dame were making shots from there like it was nothing. At the end, I was really hoping they would’ve passed it to Jokic so he could take a half-court shot. It just seemed so effortless, and as a bonus, it was super exciting to watch.

Let me know if you guys want to hear more NBA content.

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