Weekly Post #5: Drew Brees Finally Retires

Well, I can’t say it wasn’t expected. But no matter how much I expected it, I would still be hurt just the same. It still doesn’t feel real that Drew Brees actually retired from the NFL. If you’ve listened to the podcast you’d know that I am a huge Saints fan. Everyone has been posting about his accolades and success, but I’m not going to do any of that, just personal experiences watching him. I really wanted to record a podcast episode for this, but I couldn’t get myself to finish one without getting sad in the middle of it and stopping.

I wish I could say I watched him his whole 15 years with New Orleans, I really do. However, I hadn’t even turn 3 yet when he signed his first contract with the Saints after Hurricane Katrina. When I was in 5th grade, I had read his autobiography for the first time and I instantly became a fan. From wanting to quit football, Playing at Purdue, having a major shoulder injury resulting in him getting replaced by Phillip Rivers, signing with New Orleans, and winning the Super Bowl, it made me root for him. And I couldn’t be happier I chose to read HIS autobiography.

When I eventually started to get into football and not just Drew Brees, I decided to become a Saints fan because that was his team. Little did I know what I was getting into. This was the last of the Saints run of consecutive 7-9 seasons, and while watching the games I would get so upset because the defense would ruin his great games (I didn’t know this had been the trend for the last 10 years at the time). I will always remember Brees throwing that touchdown to Brandin Cooks against the Raiders, and then getting mad when the Saints let Michael Crabtree beat them. That was the first, of many, times where I would be frustrated by the Saints, but I was hooked. I already loved that team.

Then the next year, I was able to see Drew Brees play live for the first, and only time. Wow, that even hurts to type. They were playing the 49ers and I was the happiest kid alive. I was able to get a picture with Saint’s special teams star, Michael Lewis, who was a the game. I will show that picture one day, but today is not the day. That game was everything I could’ve asked for. Drew Brees playing well, the Saints winning, and rookie receiver Michael Thomas making a contested catch in the end-zone over 2 49er defenders, in the corner of the end zone I was sitting at. This game is my favorite Saints’ memory ever.

I wish I was a Saints fan for their Super Bowl victory. The on-side kick. The Tracy Porter pick-6 to seal the game against Peyton Manning. The things I would do to watch that game back then. These past 4 years I’ve wanted nothing more than for Drew Brees to get another ring. He deserved it, and it’s so unfortunate that he fell short so many times. The defense started to get much better, but Brees started to decline, and unfortunately the team just couldn’t pull it off. He was on the sideline for so many game-altering plays, I can’t imagine his thoughts each time these plays happened. Hopefully the Saints can win one this upcoming year for him.

Thank you for everything #9

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